Tyre Wholesale Intelligence

We are Nordic Tyre Group, the largest tyre wholesaler in the Nordics and Baltics. We harness the predictive power of technology to connect leading dealers and their customers with the world’s best tyres.

We have the widest and deepest range of tyres across vehicle types, from cars and trucks to construction and agricultural vehicles.

Seeing the road ahead

We call our approach “Tyre Wholesale Intelligence”. It is based on long-term customer and manufacturer relationships, deep expertise and advanced supply chain technology, which helps us navigate the complexity of available tyres to smoothly and efficiently provide dealerships with the right models at the right time.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to always have what our customers need in stock. That way, tyre dealers can ensure that all car owners have the right tyres to keep themselves and their families safe while driving on the shifting conditions of the Nordic and Baltic roads.


The group

Our market is united by similar needs, but it also exhibits significant national differences. Therefore, our group consists of well-known national tyre wholesale brands.

Changing with every season

The Nordic and Baltic tyre market presents some unique challenges including seasonal weather changes that can lead to drastic differences in road conditions. In addition, the vehicle market is evolving mainly driven by electrification that drives an increased complexity for manufacturers and buyers of tyres. Nordic Tyre Group brings long experience and expertise to provide tyres and solutions to our customers when it comes to performance, sustainability and safety.

Our presence in 6 markets, long lasting manufacturer relationships combined with use of technology and best in class working procedures makes us highly equipped to navigate through increased market- and product complexity and meet local customer demand.


Find out more about the people, processes and network that powers our Tyre Wholesale Intelligence.